Language Village

Language VillageGàidhlig is the oldest surviving language of Scotland. It offers a unique perspective on the history, culture and future of Scotland and communities of Gaels, wherever they are.

The Language Village, is an interactive, engaging space where Gàidhlig is being spoken, visitors are introduced to the language, and everyone can take part in singing, learning, and other activities. The Village will run a variety of language activities throughout the festival designed to educate festival goers about the broader Gaelic culture using a “hands on” learning approach including static and video displays, waulking songs and demos, poetry, music, and introductory Gàidhlig classes. Harp playing or other music is throughout the day.

Sgoil Gàidhlig Bhaile an Taigh Mhóir teaches the Scottish Gaelic language in its contemporary and historical context. The Village is dedicated to cultivating new Gaelic speakers, using methods that honor and perpetuate Gaelic culture and language.

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