The Clans of Scotland

Scottish heraldry has been very significantly influenced by the clan and family organization in Scotland and the system of differencing for determinate cadets (those whose relationship to the Chief is known and proved) and indeterminate cadets (those whose relationship to the Chief is not known) has resulted in heraldic writers in Europe acknowledging that Scots heraldry is probably the purest system that has evolved. One result of Scots heraldry having developed in accordance with the clan and family social system in Scotland is that it remained popular and never became the mere preserve of an upper class. The clan system in Scotland has resulted in Scotland being relatively free from class distinctions and class consciousness.

Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingigh, CVO, Lord Lyon King of Arms.

It is with that spirit of egalitarianism and comradery, that we welcome all clans to the 10th Annual 2024 Covenanter Scottish Festival.


Clans Attending in 2024 Are:

Regimental Pipes & Drums